Steadfast Equipment Disposable Rotary Drum Filter Nominationed for the 2002 Filtration+Separation Product Achievement Awards
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Steadfast Equipment
Protected under US patent 6,336,561

Full Rotary Drum Filter Filter Systems

Custom Skid Filter System

Steadfast Equipment supplies two basic components for the Disposable Rotary Drum Filter, the Filter itself which is a single use disposable unit, and the Drive and Holder assembly, which is reusable. The Operational Flowsheet shows the other components required for this system.

If you need to aquire this auxiliary equipment, below is an outline of the type of equipment needed.

Slurry Tanks and Solids Collection

The slurry tank and solids collection container can be of a variety of configurations, both open and closed containers. Most users would be familiar with these containers from existing handling of slurry solutions. If you need a source for these containers McMaster-Carr can supply a variety of plastic and metal tanks and containers. In choosing a container make sure it is chemically and physically compatible with the solutions you will be handling.

Vacuum Source

Most facilities will have an adequate existing vacuum source to operate this system. If this is not the case, a small portable vacuum pump can usually be used for this purpose. Most vacuum pumps can supply the 5 in.Hg to 10 in.Hg vacuum required to operate the Disposable Rotary Drum Filter. The only requirement is the volume capacity required to properly operate the device and produce a satisfactory cake. In most filtration applications, a vacuum pump that can supply a volumetric capacity of over 8 to 10 acfm through the filter media should be adequate. Gast Manufacturing Inc. sells a number of vacuum pumps that can accomodate this purpose. These pumps can be purchased through them or from McMaster-Carr. There are also a number of other suppliers that have equally adequate products.

Filtrate Receiver

Portable Stainless Steel ASME Pressure Tank

The Filtrate Receiver may be one device that typical users may not have ready access to. The purpose of this device is to provide a collection point for filtrate coming out of the filter. The key point of this device is that it provides a connection between the filter and the vacuum source while providing a space for the liquid filtrate to separate from the gas flow to the vacuum source. In the very simplest case this could be provided via a carboy that can accommodate the vacuum the vacuum source is providing. If there is a way to remove the filtrate continuously from this receiver while it is operating (as shown in the Operational Flowsheet), then only one is needed. If no continuous removal of the filtrate from this receiver is provided then two containers are needed as shown here with them being emptied manually when not in use.

There are a large variety of configurations possible for this Filtrate Receiver, with the most significant requirement being that the container be able to accommodate the vacuum that will be experienced by the system via the vacuum source. One configuration of this container is to use a Portable Stainless Steel ASME Pressure Tank. These tanks usually have to be specified with connections that will match that needed for connection to the Disposable Rotary Drum Filter, and can be designed to accommodate full vacuum. One supplier of these vessels is Alloy Products Corp.

If you need further assistance in purchasing one of these vessels, contact us at and we would be glad to help.

Feed Pump / Filtrate Pump

The Feed or Slurry Pump for use in this system can be of any type as long as it can pump a slurry solution at a rate of 3 liters/min. to 5 liters/min. The Filtrate Pump, if one is used, can be any fluid pump provided that it has enough suction head to pull the filtrate out of the Filtrate Receiver that is operating under 5 in.Hg to 10 in.Hg vacuum. One solution to this is to use tubing pumps for these purposes. Cole-Parmer is just one vendor that can supply this equipment. One solution if both Feed and Filtrate pumps are required is to accommodate them in one device. This is done by using a single pump motor with two or dual pump heads attached to it.

In most cases, a Cole-Parmer I/P Modular Drive pump (Catalog Number U-07591-00) or I/P Console Drive pump (Catalog Number U07549-32) equipped with two stacked heads will be sufficient. One of the heads should be a I/P 73 size (0.2 to 8 liters/min.), this would be used for the filtrate pump. The other head would be a I/P 82 size (0.4 to 13 liters/min.), this would be used for the feed pump. This is a low-cost, portable option for supplying the feed and filtrate pumps for this system. Of course, many other options for these pumps are possible. If you have any questions contact us at

Stainless Steel Skid

The skid to hold all the above components can be aquired from a number of fabricators. Make sure in ordering this unit that the cart base is large enough to hold all the above equipment, yet narrow enough to fit through the typical doorways in your facility. Many fabricators can make custom carts to fill this need, one is Royce Rolls Ringer Co.