Steadfast Equipment Disposable Rotary Drum Filter Nominationed for the 2002 Filtration+Separation Product Achievement Awards
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Protected under US patent 6,336,561

Rotary Drum Filter, Other Configurations

The basic configurations for the use of the Disposable Rotary Drum filter is shown in the Operational Flowsheet. Although this configuration may be sufficient for most of our users, this device is very versatile, below is just few of the additional ways that this device can fit your processing needs. If you have any other configurations that you are considering feel free to contact us at

Cake Washing Configuration

Cake Washing Configuration Unlike traditional rotary drum filters, the Disposable Rotary Drum Filter does not have the ability to wash the cake while it is on the drum. The main reason for this is that including this capability would make the construction of the filter, primarily the filter valve component, too complicated to be incorporated into a small inexpensive, single-use device. But there is a simple solution for processes that require cake washing and would still like to use this device. By simply operating two of these filters in series as shown in the flowsheet cake washing can be accomplished. This configuration simply requires the re-suspension of the cake in wash solution after its initial separation from the slurry. Two Disposable Rotary Drum filters can be used in this process, but it can also be accomplished with one by simply holding the cake until the initial filtration is complete, then re-suspending it and running it over the initial filter again.

Chromatography Applications

The Disposable Rotary Drum Filter can also be used to simply simple single stage chromatography applications. Although this could be accomplished in a number of configurations, the ability of this device to continuously remove the solid cake that collects on the drum surface (this cake could be chromagraphic resin) opens up a wide range of processing possibilities.

Catalyst Recovery

If the vent connection on the Disposable Rotary Drum Filter is supplied with the appropriate gas, the closed nature of this device allows solid-liquid separation to occur under a controlled atmosphere. This could be very advantageous in the recovery of catalyst and other reactive materials, using a low cost, simple, and cost effective device. If the Disposable Rotary Drum Filter is used in this type of application, it should be noted that it is note designed to accommodate any positive pressure. As a result, the user would have to take the appropriate precautions to make sure that the device was not exposed to pressurized conditions.

Filter Media Options

Because of the simple construction techniques for this device, a variety of porous plastic filter media can be specified. This option could include the use of filter media that is impregnated with other materials, like activated carbon, to facilitate two separation steps at once. Contact Steadfast Equipment for further information on these opportunities.