Steadfast Equipment Disposable Rotary Drum Filter Nominationed for the 2002 Filtration+Separation Product Achievement Awards
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Steadfast Equipment
Protected under US patent 6,336,561

Materials of Construction

The initial design of this filter is targeted at aqueous-based applicaitons. In the future other materials will be used to accomodate other processing areas, primarly organic solvents.

The currently avaliable model of the Disposable Rotary Drum Filter is constructed out of the following materials

Material of Construction
Housing and inner rotating drum:Clear Polycarbonate or Polypropylene
Filter Media:Porous plastic, Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene
Vacuum and Shaft Seals:Carboxylated Nitrile and Buna-N
Sealing of Filter Media to inner rotarting drum:Cyanoacrylate Glue

Other materials of construction can be furnished depending on the size of the individual order. Contact us via email or at 206-409-7594 for further infromation.