Steadfast Equipment Disposable Rotary Drum Filter Nominationed for the 2002 Filtration+Separation Product Achievement Awards
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Protected under US patent 6,336,561

Are these made in the USA?

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Well for the most part yes, but due to the difficulty in obtaining some common items that are Made in the USA, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) standard, and the fact we do not have a staff of lawyers to interpret it, we are hesitant to put that label on our website or products. What we can do though is tell you in detail where the components that go into our products come from to the best of our knowledge.

  1. The Disposable Rotary Drum filter was developed, prototyped, tested, and patented north of Seattle, WA, USA by the company founders John Kossik and Jeff Delys.
  2. All final assembly of our products is done in our facility north of Seattle, WA, USA.
  3. The tooling for the injection molded parts of our filters (everything except the filter media and elastomeric seals) was fabricated in Stanwood, WA, USA
  4. These above mentioned parts are injection molded in Washington State in a suburb of Seattle, WA, USA.
  5. The DC motor that is part of our Drive and Motor Assembly is purchased from a supplier that states that it is Made in the USA.
  6. The aluminum base plate and the steel mounting bracket used in the assembly of our Drive and Holder Assembly are fabricated and painted to our specifications by fabricators located north of Seattle, WA, USA.
  7. The aluminum plate and steel plate that the above materials are made from may or may not be sourced either as raw ores or recycled metals in the USA. Since many metals are from recycle stock there is a very good chance that a majority of these metals come from foundries in the USA. As for the raw ore, that is anyone's guess. Probably most of the iron came originally from the USA, but most certainly most of the raw bauxite to make the aluminum originally did not.
  8. The raw polycarbonate and polypropylene used in the injection molding process are basically commodity materials and thus we do not track their origins. They may or may not be formed from their base hydrocarbons in the USA. Matter of fact, since these are commodities they may sometimes come from the USA and sometimes not.
  9. The vacuum seal on the filtrate end of the device is purchased from a manufacturer in Ohio. Whether or not these seals are fabricated in the USA from materials sourced in the USA we do not know.
  10. The small elastomeric o-ring that we use on the shaft side of the device is a standard item that probably is not made in the USA.
  11. The filter media that is used on our devices is purchased from suppliers in the USA but we do not know where it is made.
  12. The various screws, bolts, and nuts used to assemble the Drive and Holder Assembly usually do not come from the USA. Most of these come from China but from time to time we we do get a pacakge that is labled "Made in USA" showing that they can still be made economically in this country. The same can be said for the wire terminal connectors used to connect the power cable to the controller and the motor to the controller.
  13. The power cable that connects from the plug to the controller on the Drive and Holder Assembly is sometimes supplied by manufactures that state it is Made in the USA but it is also sometimes purchased from manufactures that make this cord overseas.
  14. The controller that is used to convert the AC wall current to DC current to run the DC motor in our Drive and Holder Assembly is purchased from a supplier in the USA but is not labeled Made in the USA so we have to assume that it is not fabricated in the USA.